Claudia Gastrow

Department of Anthropology

Claudia Gastrow is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology, where she is working on a dissertation entitledNegotiated Settlements: Housing, Citizenship, and Democracy in Post-Conflict Luanda, Angola. Her primary interests lie in urban anthropology, political anthropology, political ecology, the nation-state, and theories of aesthetics. Her current research investigates the significance of struggles over housing in the production of new understandings and enactments of citizenship in post-conflict Luanda, Angola. She also explores questions on the production of publics, democratization, authoritarianism, housing policy, post-socialism, and urban planning in Angola and sub-Saharan Africa more generally. Her research has included eighteen months of fieldwork in Luanda interviewing, observing, and interacting with civil society organisations, state representatives, victims of demolitions, informal settlement residents, architects, and urban planners.