Dustin Gourdin

Sociology Department

Dustin Gourdin is a doctoral student in the Sociology Department. His research focuses on the logistics of human and capital resources in resource deprived environments. His research provides organizations with information that assists in making informed decision. Gourdin’s case studies examine cost-efficient solutions to logistical challenges in the United States, India, and Namibia. Dustin mixes content analysis and ethnographic research methodologies to present descriptive reports of organizational behavior. Dustin’s use of mixed methods poses questions of efficiency and morality in behavioral science methodologies. He is an avid proponent of both new and old data-visualization techniques, natural language processing, and visual anthropology. Dustin’s cases have included both public and private sector organizations. He is also a research technician for the Neubauer Collegium’s Global Literary Network project. Dustin is based in Chicago, and when he is not working he enjoys being outside.