Susannah Engstrom

Department of History

Susannah Engstrom is a Ph.D. Candidate in U.S. History. Her dissertation examines the development of professional arts institutions in the 1950s and 60s, focusing on the rise of the nonprofit regional theater and the effect of this new framework for cultural production on the urban landscape of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Within this project she is interested in the meaning and implications of professionalism, notions of participation in the arts, the role of culture in urban development and place “branding”, understandings and uses of public art, and the impact of all of these issues on cultural democracy. 

Prior to graduate school, Susannah received a B.A. in Theater Arts and History from the University of Pennsylvania, and worked in theater administration for four years. She is currently a Graduate Fellow with the Arts|Science Initiative at the Logan Center for the Arts. She loves cities, and is continually enchanted, dismayed, and perplexed by Chicago.