Emily Talen Explores New Urbanism

On Monday, October 12th, at 4:30pm, the Dean's Office of the Division of the Social Sciences welcomes Emily Talen from Arizona State University, who will be speaking on "walkable diversity."  Talen was a visiting professor with the Committee on Geographical Studies here in 2014 and the curator of the Urban Network-sponsored exhibit "Neighborhoods: The Measure and Meaning of an Urban Ideal."

Talen's work explores New Urbanism, a movement devoted to growing the world’s supply of pedestrian-based, socially diverse human settlements. In scientific terms this is framed as the “sustainable city,” a perspective that aligns closely with New Urbanism’s built environment focus. This talk reviews the state of the pursuit of walkable diversity, including research debates, implementation hurdles, and entrenched conflicts over strategies and priorities, many of which are rooted in the 19th century.