Share Your Research at the Urban Workshop

The Urban Workshop is seeking submissions for the Winter and Spring quarters.  We will accept any submissions for scholarly research around urban environments: past topics have included research on gentrification, architecture and design, history of theater districts, low-income housing, urban poverty, street art, and many, many other topics.  Traditionally, the Urban Workshop (formerly City, Space and Society) has been associated with the sociology department, but we are hoping to expand our reach into different social science, professional, and humanities departments across the university. 

Workshops will be held on alternate (odd week) Tuesdays from 12:00-1:20 in Cobb (5811 S. Ellis Ave) Rm 102.  

We are accepting proposals of graduate students that want to present working chapters of dissertations, master's theses, and papers that are being prepared for publication, or faculty that wish to present unpublished work.  Abstracts should be between 150-250 words.  Please note your departmental affiliation and dates that you would like to present. Materials should be submitted to no later than Friday, December 18th at 5 pm.

Please feel free to contact the workshop coordinators Theresa Anasti ( and Melissa Osborne ( if you have any questions.