Welcome Anne Dodge to the Urban Network

Anne Dodge joined the Urban Network as the new Program Director in April, 2015.  Anne has a background in urban planning, non-profit management and the arts, and she most recently worked as an instructor in the Harris School, teaching a graduate seminar about creative placemaking as an emerging cultural policy and practice.

Anne has worked in Chicago since 2011.  Prior to coming to the university, she was a consultant for the Driehaus and Donnelley Foundations, a researcher and writer for LISC's Community Safety Initiative, and the interim executive director of the Neighborhood Writing Alliance. Anne also worked at the National Public Housing Museum as its oral history Program Director. 

Anne graduated from MIT in 2006 with a Master's in City Planning and a certificate in urban design.  She completed her BA at Harvard in 1999 with a dual concentration in Visual and Environmental Studies and History.  

With Anne's help, the Urban Network will continue to promote interdisciplinary urban research and dialog at the university.  The Network's spring events will engage with a range of urban issues, with speakers and conferences from across the university, including the Department of Art History, the Law School, and the Center for Latin American Studies.  

See our Events tab for more information about our spring events series.